Daniel was born in Vina del Mar, Chile, in the middle of a unique period in the history of the country: The decline of an authoritarian dictatorship and the transition to a new democratic regime in the late 80’s and ealry 90’s. These circumstances helped shaped Daniel’s views and in the end shaping his music. Just as the politics and social circumstances of Chile influenced him, the example of his family and specifically his 3 older brothers became key in igniting Daniel’s passion for music and artistic expression at a very early age.

When he was 5 he started to play piano and then when he was 10 studied with Pedro Mesias for about three years. in 2000, and based on what he learned from his piano classes, he started to learn to play whatever instrument he had access to. He started to play in different bands playing bass, keyboards, and finally drums. He also started to sing in choirs and to make choral and orchestral arrangements.

In 2002, Daniel and his brothers Rafael, Francisco and Roberto formed “Clon” and started to make their own music. He became the official drummer of Mentor, an alternative Chilean rock band formed by his brother Roberto and Pablo Tapia, with whom he recorded their first studio album between 2003 and 2004. With Clon and Mentor, he performed in important venues in Santiago, Chile, including the Escuela Moderna Theater, the SCD and La Batuta. He spent 2004 studying Popular Music, Composition and Arrangements in the Escuela Moderna de Musica. This same year he met Silvia Vinas, whom would become his greatest source of inspiration and support. After that, Daniel went into a music hiatus and spent 2 years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in southern Chile. During that time he continued doing and teaching music as a way to help and serve others.

After Daniel returned from his mission, he and Silvia got married. They’ve been living in the USA since 2007 and now have a daughter called Elisa. While in the USA Daniel formed Salida Alterna with a few American and Mexican friends, with whom he played in important festivals and shows in Utah County. He is currently working on his new music and preparing new material for his first solo album.

  1. Dan says:

    Me estoy dejando un reply a mí mismo, Hola mismo!

  2. Paul Cedeno says:

    Hola Daniel,
    dime, tu compusiste esta musica y letra? quien canta? esta buena la ,cancion
    Unn abrazo

  3. David Lindes says:

    Daniel, buena onda estar al tanto de tu música, hombre. ¡Saludos!

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