The Soundtrack of my Life in the USA 2007-2011

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes. My time in the USA is coming to an end. Our flight takes off May 2nd, and it’s gonna be a while until we come back–for a MBA or PhD. When I arrived I was a newlywed and had just barely returned from my mission, and I made a point of creating the soundtrack of my life in the USA.

vegas cedar city road snow

This would make a great album cover for the Soundtrack of my Life in the USA -- The snowy freeway from Cedar City to Vegas, on or way to see @ The Palms Casino in Nov. 2007

This determination led me to experiment with (1) a crappy guitar I borrowed from a friend when I arrived and (2) with the internal mic of my laptop. That was it. No more resources. Just the decalibrated guitar, the web mic, and my brain, heart and a plethora of thoughs, feelings, and new experiences as a new husband, student, and immigrant.

The crappy guitar and myself, 2007

Out of that precarious combination more than 50 song ideas were born within 2 or 3 months, and about 17 ended up as full songs. This gave birth to Experimentos, my first and so far my only full-lenght demo. Songs like “Fallacies”,”Otra Versión de Ayer”,”La Corta Espera”, and “Palabras Sordas” are all a reflection of this initial cuture shock and of the early experiences I had in this country–the reality and contradictions of being an immigrant, the uncertainty about the outcome of relationships left back home, the anxiety of “not belonging” here, and the realization of the dream being independent with the love of my life.

A key song was born years before I actually composed it. “Nueve Lunas” is a gift to my daughter, and creating this song was keeping a promise I made to myself a long time ago. This song is the capstone of the first half of my USA experience and put an end to Experimentos.

Playing with Salida Alterna, 2008

After this song it has been hard to keep up with composing my own soundtrack, but it has also been inevitable to keep creating. My creative influences have evolved, but the source of inspiration remains intact. What I describe as my 2nd compositive phase while in the US began in Miami last year right after Chile was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami. The frustration of being so far away made me feel so helpless that the only way I felt I could contribute and communicate to the world how I felt was through music. And that’s how “Tomorrow’s New Sun” was born–a piece of music that’s totally different than any other song I had composed before. It was the reflection of an instant, the translation of flashing thoughts in desperaation, but that somehow carried light and hope too.

Brickell Key Miami River View Night

View from my apartment in Miami--Brickell Key/Miami River. This view changed my life in the exact opposite way you would think it did.

This song was followed by other songs I haven’t finished like “Time”, “Puerta Giratoria”,”Volver”, “Yeta”, “Worth a Thousand Songs” and “Error Crónico.” It looks like this 2nd part of my life’s soundtrack will actually be wrapped up in Chile and will be immensely affected by the emotional dimension of this move back to my country–a day I have been waiting for so long, but that arrived so unexpectedly.

Bring it on, cause for as long as I live I will be creating the soundtrack of my own life.

  1. Juan says:

    Wena madestro. Es bueno saber que se es parte del soundtrack de su vida. El mayor de los triunfos en todas sus empresas.

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