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Posted: June 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s the 18th of June, 10:41 AM, and I am writing this post from a very interesting place. It seems that, somehow, destiny brought me here to make me think of, well, so many things.
Exactly 23 months and 6 days ago, the 12th of July, 2007, I was cleaning up this computer lab at the Tanner Building, home of the Marriott School of Business at BYU. It was my first week of working as a custodial clerk; I had finally got a job after about 3 months of fighting against the ELC that wasn’t letting me work, despite the fact that during the application process it was never said that I would not be able to work.
At that time I was a very scared foreign student, taking ESL classes that made me feel like a preschooler, and in bittersweet circumstances: I was a newlywed; my wife and I got married in April that same year, and I was living the most beautiful time of my life with her. But, at the same time, living in the US as a foreign student was becoming unbearable–you need to understand that, as a legal immigrant, here in the US it is YOU who pays the price of illegal immigration; there are SO many restricting policies that you end up having less rights than illegal immigrants, kind of ironic, isn’t it? I wasn’t able to work, I wasn’t a “BYU” student yet, and there were no guarantees that I would be accepted by the time I would be done with my ESL classes.
I remember entering this same building that day of July 2007 and, feeling overwhelmed by so many responsibilities and by an uncertain future, saying “one day, I’ll be admitted to BYU, I’ll be admitted into the Business Program and I’ll be the best student they’ve ever had.”
I think I did not have the best feelings towards the ELC, BYU and the US at that time, so I said that with a tone of “revenge,” let’s say. I was “nobody” as far as education, work and experience back then, I was “just” a husband striving to be the best for my wife. However, being “just” a husband was what ended up giving me strength to keep trying and to not get discouraged in the midst of opposition.

Now, almost two years after that experience, I am going to Chile. I never thought I would go back this soon (in fact, our flight leaves in about 5 hours), but we are going anyway. Today, before heading to Chile, I can look back and see what I’ve been able to do. Although what I said when I walked into this building for the first time 2 years ago had a little bit of anger, I have been able to do almost exactly what I said back then. I was admitted into BYU, accepted into the Business School, and of course I am not the best student they’ve ever had, but I keep trying. I look back and in only 16 months I became a Junior, I have an internship almost ready, waiting for me in Chile, and most important than anything else, I have a beautiful wife which became the source of strength and focus during the difficult time I was having 2 years ago, and the most beautiful daughter in the world, which fills my days of light along with my wife.

Life is beautiful. Things can be done. Trials are just to help us set goals and strive to achieve those goals. As we try to achieve them, we progress and become happy. I am happy and thankful that I am able to look back, before returning to Chile, and say “I did it.” I cannot take full credit for all what I’ve been able to achieve, but I’ve been able to convince myself that I’m able to do whatever I want as far as my desires, intentions and focus are righteous.

  1. it is curious bro…i feel the same you felt to years ago, but im feeling that crap now, may be not exactly the same, but as near as posible. i had a very scheisse year in many ways…cors im very happy cos my family, domy and fran fran…and becasue exactly 1 year ago y was unemployed…you know how hard was that experience for me…i grow up a lot and it gave me to understand that nothing is imposible…and if we are clean god help us.. but i have something in my mind now…and is that i HAVe to achieve my thing soon…but in the good way…studies, a better job and a call to help my brethern.

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